About Me

My name is Jaimee Wood and I am a Washington State Licensed Massage Therapist (MA60404013)


My journey into the massage world started in May of 2012 when I was a passenger in a car accident. I was advised to seek chiropractic care due to the injuries i sustained from the accident. During my first visit, we went over a care plan and massage was to be included into my treatment. I was receiving massage for a few weeks before I realized that this is what I wanted to do for a living. I wanted to help people HEAL. I experienced massage for its healing properties and it completely changed my life. As my pain was dwindling, I decided to look into different massage programs.


I enrolled myself into the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in July of 2012. I graduated in June of 2013 after successfully passing the MBLEx (Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination).


Upon graduation I immediately started working in a chiropractic office. I have spent the last 4 years doing treatment/ deep tissue based massage. Although I have had many clients come for relaxation sessions as well. Since having the treatment based experience, my style is based around really working out the knots and stiffness while maintaining conscious awareness of my clients pain levels and adjusting pressure as needed. I also include light passive stretching to help increase range of motion in areas that may be constricted.  I have recently started incorporating cupping treatments into my sessions as well, and will be soon offering aromatherapy and CBD/cannabis(CHABA infused) lotions to clients who request those services. I also have training in hydro/cryo therapies (incorporating heat and ice into the massage.) I have worked with many different bodies and have provided massage that has helped people with overall body stiffness and soreness, headaches/migraines, adhesions and trigger point release, stress, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis,  scar tissue release, and arthritis. I also have experience helping expecting mothers with aches and pains from pregnancy.


I aspire to meet my clients health and wellness goals. And with that I believe that communication is imperative in achieving that. Please do not hesitate to let me know how you’re feeling and if changes in pressure need to happen. The massage is tailored around your needs and I want you to be as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to bring in your own lotions/oils or scents. If you have a special pillow or blanket you love to use. I also prefer my clients to choose whatever music they would like to listen to during our time together. I use a music service and a nice bluetooth speaker that will allow you to pick what is most relaxing for you.


Business aside, I am a pretty laid back human. I try as hard as I can to enjoy the simple things in life. Not taking anything for granted. I have two dogs, Stella and Apollo that I absolutely adore. We go to the park as often as we can and they just can't wait for me to throw the ball for them one more time! Alki is also one of my favorite places to be. Even with the Seattle rain and drizzle I love being there. Just enjoying the views and complete serenity of the beach makes my heart feel warm and complete. I am a born and raised Seattleite, and have always enjoyed the nostalgic feeling Alki brings. Most nights you can find me cuddled up on my couch in front of a warm fire watching movies or reading a good book.